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Divorce: For Better or Worse  ?                                 

  D ivorce  is, in my belief one of the biggest problems for many people and   especially young people have to deal with. My wife and I have been married 45 years and I guess were on the edge of divorce many times but one or the other managed to humble ourselves enough to say –“I’m sorry for my part” of the problem or heated disagreement  we were having at the time. Marriage is something that must be worked at by both partners all the time. I remember we were in our late twenties and had been married 8 or 9 years ourselves, when a divorce took place (after 27 yrs of marriage) in our family and it seemed like our world  was falling apart, so I can imagine how a child could feel when mom and dad  gets divorced  and you know  those children love both mom and dad and are torn between the two.
I believe people should consider marriage and divorce on a more serious note and not take it so lightly to begin with.I would suggest dating(not sleeping with) for a period of a year or more and honestly discussing each others false and then deciding if they can tolerate each other’s shortcomings for 50-60 years and then if they are sure they can  or each one is willing to work on changing their annoying habits, then get married and start working on making it work. I believe, if divorce is considered to be an option by either, then that should be a good reason  not to get married..
V erify each others intention before having any children .It is a serious and important decision when you think  of the self sacrifice that is involved in bringing a child into this world and the work that is involved in raising them to be good and decent people and neighbors.
O fen it is the children that are the most affected by a divorce and it takes a lot of special effort on both mom and dad to get along with each other, for the well being of the children to help bring some stability in their lives.
R emembering you’re the parent and children wants a parents guidance(even though they won’t admit it) and if they see you and your X fighting and argueing only causes more problems for them to deal with.
C ontrol your emotions as an adult so they can learn how to relate to the problems they will face in life.
E ndeavor to show your love and affection by listening to their problems ,helping when you can,help them to learn the importance of not being selfcentered and selfish in their thinking and I believe getting them to help you do charity work for other people,elderly etc. builds character and a bond between you,them and others and always remember to praise them for doing good things.

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