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The Simple Basics !

There are no simple solutions to society's problems
To try and address these problems one must start with the Basics.In the beginning,God created mankind to have a relationship with him and each other that is beyond what the natural man could ever understand. Adam and Eve chose to abandon this relationship by disobeying the basic rules God had set forth for them to follow for a perfect relationship. In their act of disobedience,they cut off this perfect relationship for something less.It was of their own choice that this happened.
Likewise we make choices daily to either draw closer to God or to move farther away from Him.
The Bible states that the natural man cannot understand the things of God. It is my belief that our society (in general) has moved away from the BASICS .This is not an easy subject to cover without offending some people but it is not my intent to do so.The basics of any socitey to prosper,and flourish begins with the basics of CARE and RESPECT for the rights of others. God is Love and without care and respect for others God cannot be honored in our behavoir as a society. For several years, the projected attitude has been an ( IN YOUR FACE) attitude.Be anything you want to be, which some may have interpedted to mean ( I can be a mobster,or a professional thief,a hit man for hire,a prostitute,a pimp,a car jacker,a professional scammer, a porno film maker, and the list goes on) everything that uses and degrades the dignity of another human being.These are the basics that causes a society to fall as they did ROME.
The Bible states that in the last days the governments will be perplexed as to how to deal with all the problems in society.The reasons for that perplexity in my opinion will be due to the violations of the basics that makes a society function namely care and respect for one another.

Love of Money !

LOVE of money according to the Bible is the root of all evil. It also states that we wrestle ,not against flesh and blood but against Spiritual Wickedness in high places. In my opinion, Love of Money and power are the reasons for the Spiritual Wickedness in governments.
It is my opinion that if the heart of our government officials and Corporate America were right with God, There would be no poverty in this country. I am not saying that the rich should give all their money to the poor by any stretch of the imagination,but there would be an opportunity for everyone to work and make an American dream living. "Back to Homepage">