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Sailor Moon

Welcome to the Sailor Moon Music Section

All the music and sounds are either .wav or .mid files. Mp3 files will come as soon as the courts decide if Mp3's will be allowed to be distributed on the web.

beastar.mid I wanna be a star(NA), 0:40

carryon.mid Give me the strenght to carry on(NA), 2:00

movingheart.mid Heart Moving, 2:27

moondest.mid Moonlight Densetsu(Moonlight Romance), 2:17

newday.mid It's a new day(NA), 0:52

primoon.mid Princess Moon, 4:01

superstar.mid So you want to be a superstar(NA, the song Naru and Usagi sing) 0:51

tsukini.mid Tsukini kawatte oshiokiyo, 4:46

inner.mid Inner senshi henshin and attack music(NA), 0:23

intro.mid A thousand years ago...(NA), 1:00

melvin.mid Melvin's BGM(NA), 0:30

nega.mid The Negaverse BGM(NA), 0:20

onlylove.mid You're my only love(NA), 3:06

sadsmtheme.mid Sad Sailormoon Theme(NA), 0:31

scoutarrive.mid Inner Senshi arrive(NA)

theme.mid The NA Sailormoon theme, 1:20

justmylove.mid You're just my love, 4:10

tuxedoknight.mid Tuxedo Knight, 4:54

moontran Sailor Moon's Original Henshin Music, 1:11

hottokenai.mid Hotto kenai yo, 4:17

ainosenshi.mid Ai no senshi(Warrior of love), 3:47

callname.mid Call my name and I'll be there(NA), 2:42

eiennomel.mid Eien no Melody(Eternal Melody), 3:57

onajina.mid Onajinamida owakeatte(Sharing the same tears), 1:31

power.mid She's got the power(NA), 2:32

rainyday.mid Rainy day man(NA), 1:49

routevenus.mid Route Venus, 4:10

tears.mid Another version of Onajinamida owakeatte(Sharing the same tears), 5:18

firesoulove.mid Fire soul love(Sho hi ai), 4:05

flute.mid Ail's flute, 0:21

lasoldier.mid La Soldier, 1:46

memory.mid Only a memory away, or Will you miss me when I'm gone(NA), 2:53

opolicy.mid Otome no policy(A maiden's policy), 3:13

rini.mid Rini(ChibiUsa's) BGM(NA), 0:16

sailormoon.mid I am Sailor moon!, 3:45

starlightrain.mid Starlight ni kiss shite(Kiss in the starlight), 3:18

sukito.mid Sukito no itto(Say you love me), 3:55

ami.mid Koibito ni hanarenai kedo, 4:30

makoto.mid Watsureru tame ni koio(Don't love, as to forget it), 3:59

energy.mid Ai wa energy(Love is energy), 3:54

somebody.mid Somebody...Somewhere, 4:50

dontfear.mid Don't fear(slow Eternalsailormoon henshi music), 1:37

death.mid Uranus and Neptune's death music, 1:51

eternalmoon.mid Moon eternal make up music, 2:05

nagareboshi.mid Nagareboshi ne, 5:02

prikakyuu.mid Princess Kakyuu(Fireball's) theme, 1:01

smssend.mid Kaze mo, sora mo, kitto(The wind, the sky forever), 1:28

starlight.mid Starlight's henshin and attack music, 1:52

starsl.mid Sailor Stars opening theme, 3:50

starss.mid Sailor Stars short opening theme, 1:33

wind.mid Another version of Kaze mo, sora mo, kitto(The wind, the sky, forever), 3:52

moon.wav Moon Prism Power, 0:02

moon2.wav I will right all wrongs and triumph over evil! And that means you!, 0:03

mars.wav Mars Fire Ingnite, 0:02

venus.wav Venus Cresent Beam Smash, 0:05

jupiter.wav Surpreme Thunder Crash, 0:03

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