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  • It's really hard not to fall in love with Galati, beautiful city with ancient traditions and, best of all, a city with a great future.
      Galati in the past

  • The first document which certifies the existence of Galati dates back to 1445. * The existence of a free zone regime dates back a few years as well. * In 1837, Galati go the statute of "Porto - Franco" (free harbor). During that time Galati was "the gateway to the world". Many European countries have made a profit from the statute of Porto - Franco, for instance England, France, Italy, Austria, Prussia, aso.
  • The biggest harbor in Romania and the most important river in Europe, the Danube.
    * Placed on the East portion of Romania, next to the border with Ukrania and the Republic of Moldova. It is the gateway to the NIS( the former Soviet Union States).
    *Balanced economic structures which include industrial and agricultural units.
    * The metallurgy is represented bu the integrated Iron and Steel Works SIDEX S.A. Galati, which is one of biggest integrated works in Europe and export more that half its flat steel products in over 40 countries all over the world.

    * The shipyard in Galati is well known in the whole world for the high quality of the ships and offshore drilling platforms built here.

    * The favorable soil and the irrigation system allow an intensive agriculture.

    * Rich spiritual and cultural life : theaters, cultural houses, museums, churches, movie theaters, universities, broadcasting and television posts, publishing houses, aso.



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