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Cadillac & Lake City Railway

Incorporated Mar. 5, 1963. Lake City to Sandstown, Mi., 4.5 miles. (Missaukee Jct to Lake City and Falmouth) Service discontinued Feb. 2, 1976, line abandoned Aug. 16,1984

Baldwin 2-8-2 #2 at MidContinent Railway museum

train No. 71 and crew at North Cadillac, Michigan Station, 3 miles north of Cadillac on U.S. 131. Left to right Engineer Carlton Johnson, fireman Edward Seeley, and conductor Earl Abbett Leon Foster

locomotive #2, an oil burning 2-8-2 built in 1912, shown just east of North Cadillac, Michigan on a special run with the private car "Emerald Lakes"A rare taste of the elegant living of the past Leon Foster

locomotive #2, an oil burning 2-8-2 built in 1912 shown at Sayer Siding in North Cadillac with a mixed freight and passenger train from Lake City, Michigan. The C&LC Ry. maintains year around freight service between Cadillac, Lake City and Falmouth with trains each Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. During the summer there is a daily Passenger Service except Sunday Leon Foster

Cadillac & Lake City Railway. Full size steam trains of the C&LC carry passengers through Michigan's forests and along beautiful lakes on scheduled runs between Cadillac and Lake City, Michigan

Brimley (possible ex C&LC, exx PH&D 52) Part of the Brimley Historical Museum

1974 Roster
Road Number HP Builder Builder's Model Tractive Effort Weight Date Notes
2   Baldwin 2-8-2 21,000 141,000 1912 1
11   Alco-Cooke 0-4-0T 10,000 64,000 1924 2
18   Baldwin 2-6-2 ? 110,000 1920 3
25 750 LH Yd. Sw 27,000 216,000 1951 4
71 400 BW   34,000 156,000 1930 5
Roster Notes

1. C&LC 2 was originally Saginaw Timber Co., then Polson Logging Co., then Rayonier 2, then Grand Traverse Northern 2 (3/62) GTN leases this unit to C&LC

2. C&LC 11 was originally Kelly Island Line & Transport 13, then Mr. Carlton Johnson's 11. Johnson leased it to C&LC. No longer on C&LC's roster

3. C&LC 18 was originally Florida & Alabama 18, then Mr. F. Steck's 18. Steck leased it to C&LC. No longer on C&LC's roster.

4. C&LC 25 was originally Cincinatti Union Terminal 25, then C&LC 25

5. C&LC 71 was originally Armco Steel B-71, then Michigan Railway Historical Society 71. The Society leases it to C&LC

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