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The Ameryske Tunga
The Amerykan Language

Amerykan (Amerysk) is a planned language (invented language) developed by Paal-Eirik Filssunu beginning in 1979. It is composed of Saxon and Scandinavian words. The language is intended to serve as a unifying cultural factor for North American adherents of Asatru, (also called Odinism and Norse Paganism), the folk-religion of Northern Europe and of those of Northern European heritage.

How I found Amerysk
Some time ago I met a fellow Odinist called Oak--- the original Oak, he points out--- who gave me a batch of old papers in regard to our faith. Included in this was the booklet Snaekk and Skryf Amerysk by Paal-Eirik Filsunu.

As a person who had an interest in other planned languages, I was interested. I thought this work deserved to be passed on. This web site is the result. It is done with respect to the acheivements and rights of Amerysk creator Paal-Eirik Filsunu.

The What and Why of Planned Languages What are planned languages? Why do some people learn them?

Wanted: other Amerysk writings or links to any web site using Amerysk. Please use the guest book to inform me if you have any.

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Amerysk Pronunciation
From 'Snaekk and Skryf Amerysk'
Amerysk Grammar From 'Snaekk and Skyrf Amerysk'
Amerysk Words and Phrases From 'Snaekk and Skryf Amerysk'
Amerysk Words and Phrases, part 2 From 'Snaekk and Skryf Amerysk'

Amerysk-English dictionary
English-Amerysk dictionary

The Ryksljud--- The Amerykan National Hymn In Amerysk and English, to the tune of 'My Country tis of Thee'

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