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The pieces in this catalog are correct to a specific period in design, style and materials using the old methods of construction wherever possible. I make the majority of the pieces by hand although in a few cases, as was practiced in Colonial times, I use some rough castings on which I complete the finish work. Metals used are Sterling Silver , 14K yellow gold, brass and pewter. Stones available are black onyx, garnet, river pearl, sapphire and glass or paste gems as they were known during the Colonial Period. I do not work with German Silver, which actually contains no silver , as it was not used for Trade Silver prior to 1840.

This catalog is hand sketched as it would have been in the time period. Many of my pieces may appear to be exact copies of originals but in fact, are meant to be only very similar. I do not make exact copies but follow the same designs, styles and patterns of that time period or of a particular Silversmith. No two pieces are exactly alike.

I spend a great deal of time studying, researching, and making period pieces. Whenever possible, I provide the name of the original silversmith or an archaeological site where the piece was found, (most pieces have been unearthed at several sites across the country but space limits listing all) or the Museum housing the piece. As a historical reenactor, I understand the importance of producing jewellry which correctly reflects the times for which it was originally crafted. I strive to do this at a reasonable price which hopefully allows all who care to, the ability to possess fine, handcrafted and historically correct pieces for their own enjoyment.

Thank you for your interest in my work. I look forward to hearing from you.