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Green Bay & Western

ALCo C424 311 - 314

ALCo C430 315

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C424 311

arriving at the Minnesota Commercial

Vaughn Hanganrtner

C424 312

Norwood Yard 6/93

David Colliciott Fallen Flags Railroad Photos

C424 313

Green Bay 6/93 EG

Source unknown

C424 312 Kewaunee, Wi.1/9/81 Dennis Schmidt

C424 312 Kewaunee, Wi.7/6/69 Dennis Schmidt

C424 312 in experimental paint scheme

C424 312 at the Martin Marietta Quarry in Junction City, GA Eric Rickert

C424 312 where it toils along with an ex D&H RS11 Eric Rickert

C424 313 on a siding west of Norwood 6/93

C424 314

314 at ALCo World: Minnesota Commercial Gallery

C430 315 Green Bay 6/93 National Railroad Museum.


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