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Green Bay & Western ALCOs

ALCo RS2 301 - 304

ALCo RS3 305 - 308

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RS2 301

Build date 3/50, it was bought new by the GBW. It was sold 10/77 to Railroad Builders. It was next sold in 1979 to Michigan Interstate, operators of the Ann Arbor. It was sold to Southern Michigan Railroad, date unknown. I last photograghed it on a siding near Blissfield, Mi. It is now apparently now in Ohio

photo source unknown

Fallen Flags Railroad Photos

Michigan Interstate Rick's Train Server

Ann Arbor Mi. Keith Rottman Fallen Flags Railroad Photos

Owosso, Mi. Dennis Schmidt

Blissfield, Mi. 1999 EG

RS2 302 Build Date 3/50. Scrapped 9/76

Rick's Train Server

RS2 303

Build Date 3/50. Sold to Railroad Builders, 1/78. Sold 1979 to Michigan Interstate, Sold, date unknown, to Southern Michigan Railroad, where it was painted into the NYC scheme. I last photographed it residing in a field with 301, near Blissfield, Mi. It is now apparently somewhere in Ohio.

Photo from Railbarons pictures

Blissfield, Mi. 1999 EG

ALCo RS2 304

304 was sold to the Michigan Northern and renumbered to 1501

J Hunt Railroading in the Northeast

Michigan Northern 1501 at Reed City Mi. postcard Bob Lenardson

The nose has been recently chopped in this photo.Cadillac, Mi. 12/20/80 Dennis Schmidt

RS3 (RS20) 305

RS3s 305 - 308 were rebuilt at Green Bay with a 2000hp 251, and had their noses chopped. they were then designated as RS20s

3/27/01 Gopher State Railway Museum of New Prague, Minnesota Mike Lehne

RS3 (RS20) 306

photo source unknown

Norwood Yard, Green Bay Wi 6/92 EG

Green Bay 9/67 Jerry Appleman Jerry's Railroad Photo Album

RS3 (RS20) 307

Green Bay, Wi 6/93 EG

Minnesota Commercial

307 at ALCo World: Minnesota Commercial Gallery

307 at ALCo World: Minnesota Commercial Gallery

RS3 (RS20) 308

refueling at Norwood Yard 6/92 EG

Norwood Yard Daniel Dawdy Railroading in the Northeast

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