The Western Isles carry the least dense population of the Gaohund people, and this is one reason their habits and ways seem strange to the rest of Gaohund.  Although they have full representation in the Hall of Five Hundred Statues, the Gaohund capitol in New Warrick, they otherwise live in isolation.  The people of Fayette and Pine even trade freely with the Widge, who live on islands to the west, and find nothing wrong with that.  This is their strangest habit to the other Gaohund, since the Western Islands were the site of many battles when the Gaohund were pushed off the continent and later during the Widge War.   

The Western Isles have a very stratified culture, with traditional clothing for each occupation: mariners and fliers and miners and sheepherders and goats on the higher elevations.  Their diets tend to the bland and fatty.  They drink beer, since they are far enough south for grain, and they love potatoes. 

The prefix "kai" indicates northern, and the prefix "wel" indicates southern.