The Rebellion of 10219  was essentially a war against the Captains, the Devout, and the Eldar.  For the rebels, the Captains represented xenophobia and isolationism.  They were also the wielders of true military control, and thus stood as their largest obstacle to achieving power, since through legitimate methods the rebels could not hope for anything but the weakest influence.  To the Captains, the rebels were not only a threat to stability, as they demanded removal of the Eldar, but also a threat to independence, a return to the bad old days of domination under the Western Widge Isles powers.  Before the outbreak of hostilities, the rebels operated in Breston Academy as a semi-legitimate organization pushing certain political and societal reforms.  They remained disorganized and ineffective until Bernadette Jameson, a flamboyant and charismatic leader, fell in with Orson Pollman Trotter, the exiled pirate and former putsch leader.  Their internal activities sparked the conflict.  Suspecting a stooge in their midst, they murdered a young student.  When Trotter was arrested, rioting broke out on campus.  With intelligence that a large number of the Captains were on shore leave, other members of the rebel inner circle murdered guards at the military port, captured numerous vessels and used them to attack the manned vessels still manned by the Captains' Corp.