been exaggerated, but surely their darker aspect were - stories of Thutkari survivors working in caverns, exchanging the product of their labor through titanium bars for food and other necessities.  And the stories of the Kongry Haunts, teeming with dark gatherings of the long dead cult of the Tree that focused on the physical - the body, wounds, blood and other bodily fluids, violence, birth and death, and sacrifices. 

Troughton had once been the high-life of New Warrick.  Remnants of great houses and ritzy hotels still punctuated its now dark streets.  Its normally narrow streets are broken seldom, most notably by Colstye Park.  Cage elevators, grave-like statuary, steam. 

Salo was a borough of New Warrick occupying that island's southeast corner.  Its neighbors were Troughton to the west and Old Town and Breston Academy to the north.  Salo was the publishing center of the Waning Isles, and also a common area for students' residences, often above the shops and shopkeepers' residences.   

Shipping District was one of the major boroughs of New Warrick.  The main approach into the island's harbor brought craft to the concave cliffs.  There, great cyborg beasts towed ships in and out of bay.  Pilots help maneuver the craft around grav-eddies,  Spangled with air moss  A few of the lower wharves and docks used pullies and open air elevators to bring their wares to the surface, but most had tunnels that reached to their warehouses in the shipping district.  Legends told of the extent of these underground passages; their lengths may not have