The powerful Alexander Nest was founded during this period, originally a nest of the fowling trade, it rose quickly under the management of Aurelia Alexander and the Seven Alexander Compatriots, who established an industry of reality differential production.  Their economic power resulted in their control of the Party of the Republic. 
Additional nests created additional corporate entities, notably Crippendraught Manufacture and shipping firms.  These nests, although individually smaller than Alexander Nest, eventually created a challenge to their authority on New Warrick through alliance and the formation of the Star Comet Party.  These new nests were located in Highland Park.  Only the Salo Nest remained in steady alliance with the Alexanders, although some of smaller nests of Old Town could be courted by either Troughton or Highland Park. 

Burroughs of New Warrick

Highland Park was the Echeloni District of New Warrick, Masters of Industry and Their Politics.  Two generations before Aurelia Alexander, the Alexander's Nest began constructing certainty differentials and by the next generation, it was one of the most powerful businesses in New Warrick.  Four of the sons married into the Salo Nest, an old money Nest that originally made their fortunes in lumber.  The two Nests eventually controlled much of the tech, lumber, and shipbuilding in Gaohund lands.  The city Echeloni are divided according to the two political parties.  Two allied Nests supported the Foundational party, and a host of smaller Nests supported the Star-Comet party.  The Star-Comet Party was beginning to recall images from pagan ways to support them.  The Star-Comet itself was once considered a god, so now these phrases are applied to the party: giver of light in darkest times; the one that moves when all else was still; the independent, the unrestrained.  Many of the Star-Comet supporters are also engaged with the Norrell Corporation or the Crippen-Draunt Industries.   

Old Town was originally a place that Primevals were moved to, to keep them away from the Shipping District.  It eventually became the seat of power.  The Hall of Five Hundred Statues was there.