New Warrick was the primate city of the Waning Isles (a primate city was one that was so comparatively large  that it dominates the country was economy, culture, etc.  See the atlases. 

History of New Warrick
The Steeple and its courts existed from ancient times.  No one was certain of its origin, but the Gorjan of the Western Isles controlled it.  Thousands made their pilgrimages to the Steeple from the Gaohund nations on the continent of Zamalaysia. 
After the Great Retreat (9071), New Warrick grew to be the Gaohund primate city because of its location.  Originally a market for agriculture and lumber, New Warrick's downwind position with prevailing winds promised cheap transport of these raw materials - since the inbound journey was but a glide, producers of raw materials burned through no Wellonis Plates with their heavy loads.  During this period, the Boroughs of Troughton and the Shipping District thrived.  Troughton was the center of New Warrick Life.  Older residents removed inland, to Old Town, hence its name.  Troughton was populated by new immigrants, often with entire new nests springing up around emergent wells. 

Wonders of New Warrick

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