of the Middle Isles

South Shores
was a resort community on the island of Stanton, Middle Islands.  It contained many summer homes of the rich from Milbrew and Dunsborough.  See the Atlas of the Middle Isles

Stanton was the largest and highest of the Middle Isles.  It has the best harbor of the Middle Islands by far, Tone Bay.  See the Atlas of the Middle Isles

Steeple, the,
was either a tower or natural pinnacle on the eastern height of New Warrick.  Around this was built an ancient shrine and gardens.  By law, the Shrine was allowed a single representative in the One Hundred, but it held a much stronger influence that this. 

Stout was one of the three large cities of the Middle Islands.  It was on the Sound shore of Brick Island.  See Brick Island, See the Atlas of the Middle Isles

Sugar Island
was the closest of the Toltau Islands

Sun's Anvil was the great desert covering a large area of the Planet Twilight.  It covers the pole that faces the sun and up to about 45 degrees.  It was a volcanically active area.

Taldon was a small city on the northeast of Irin.  The Tondel people, who continue to use that language, settled it.  Taldon was a center for surrounding sheep and cattle ranches.  Taldon processes wool, leather, and beef.  See the Atlas of Irin and Surrounding Isles.   

Tennally was one of the Green Islands. 

Tirin Bay was a large, deep, and narrow bay on the northeast island of Irin.  Johnson City was located on this bay.  See the Atlas of Irin and Surrounding Isles.   

was a Widge nation just to the west of the Gaohund lands.  The capital was Eporuen Retsae. 

Tondel Bay was a large, narrow bay on the southeast corner of the island of Irin.  Tondel City was located on this bay.  See the Atlas of Irin and Surrounding Isles.   

Tondel City
was the second largest city on the island of Irin.  The city of Tondel was named after the people of Tondel, an ethnic group of the same name.  It was the largest by far of the "ethnic areas" settled after the great expulsion from the continent.  Outside of the Western Isle, it was the only area larger than a town s that speaks a language other than Widge. The economy of the city was exporting goods out of Tondel Bay to the Middle Isles.  See the Atlas of Irin and Surrounding Isles.   

Tondel People, the are the ethnic people that settled eastern Irin.  The Tondel arrived only a month or so before the Great Retreat.  Their presence on Irin incited Daniel Kershaw to unite the peoples of Irin and expand over the entire Island of Irin before the people of the Great Retreat arrived.  Just settling in, they were the only group that did not participate in the Battle of the Broken Spears.  Because they were Devout, their absence from the battle was sometimes provided as grounds for persecution of the Devout in later times. 

Tondel Nation was a nation of Gaohund on the Zamalaysia continent before the Great Retreat. 

Troughton had once been the high-life of New Warrick.