bly Crippendraught Manufacture and shipping firms.  These nests, although individually smaller than Alexander Nest, eventually created a challenge to their authority on New Warrick through alliance and the formation of the Star Comet Party.  These new nests were located in Highland Park.  Only the Salo Nest remained in steady alliance with the Alexanders, although some of smaller nests of Old Town could be courted by either Troughton or Highland Park. 
Boroughs of New Warrick
Each part of the Eight Boroughs of New Warrick has a character, a style of architecture, and a symbol or symbolism.  Only Highland Park tries to do away with symbolism.  Each section has an identifying pair of colors. See articles on the various boroughs and parts of New Warrick:
Breston Academy
El Pra Military Base
Highland Park
Old Town
Shipping District
Steeple and its Courts, The

North Banks

Old Town was originally a place that Primevals were moved to, to keep them away from the Shipping District.  It eventually became the seat of power.  The Hall of Five Hundred Statues was there.

Outer Darkness, the The Widge planet was set on its axis so that it had a sunward pole and a starward pole.  The Outer Darkness referred to the great, unoccupied zone toward the starward pole.  Folktale would have it occupied by Tzynn, dark counterparts of the Eldar.  Rumor has it that Nathaniel Clintock voyaged there with his crew of pirates after the Ex

tive energy.  The extremely young leaf-isles there produce prodigiously but erratically - not producing a steady and constant folk like mature leaf-isles.  The folk of the Nast are also living in darkness, in the shadows of vegetative life. 

Nest a group of Gaohund formed around a Well. 

New Warrick was the primate city of the Waning Isles (a primate city was one that was so comparatively large  that it dominates the country was economy, culture, etc.   
History of New Warrick
The Steeple and its courts existed from ancient times.  No one was certain of its origin, but the Gorjan of the Western Isles controlled it.  Thousands made their pilgrimages to the Steeple from the Gaohund nations on the continent of Zamalaysia. 
After the Great Retreat (9071), New Warrick grew to be the Gaohund primate city because of its location.  Originally a market for agriculture and lumber, New Warrick's downwind position with prevailing winds promised cheap transport of these raw materials - since the inbound journey was but a glide, producers of raw materials burned through no Wellonis Plates with their heavy loads.  During this period, the Boroughs of Troughton and the Shipping District thrived.  Troughton was the center of New Warrick Life.  Older residents removed inland, to Old Town, hence its name.  Troughton was populated by new immigrants, often with entire new nests springing up around emergent wells.  The powerful Alexander Nest was founded during this period, originally a nest of the fowling trade, it rose quickly under the management of Aurelia Alexander and the Seven Alexander Compatriots, who established an industry of reality differential production.  Their economic power resulted in their control of the Party of the Republic. 
Additional nests created additional corporate entities, nota