sula, between Tirin Bay and the
Beringinold Gap.  See the Atlas of Irin and Surrounding Isles.   

Continent, the
Gaohund often referred to Zamalaysia merely as "The Continent." 

East Irin was an island just east of Irin, and a county of Irin.  See the Atlas of Irin and Surrounding Isles.   

East Irin Straits
lay between the islands of Irin and East Irin.  See the Atlas of Irin and Surrounding Isles.   

Eastern Islands
are islands which lay east of the Green Islands.  They are spread further apart than the Gaohund Archipelago, and are scarcely populated.  The Sou lies directly east of the Gaohund islands, but there were others more distant than the Sou.  Somewhat out of the main stream was Market Island.  Furthest east and most remote was the Hoaten-Hanca pair. 

Edgelands, Edgelander was a term refereeing to the provincial areas.  Likewise, an Edgelander was one that comes from these areas.  Specifically, this refers to the Western Islands, Forestal and The Falls, and the Green Islands. 

Eisentor Bridge connects Longshores and Brick Islands across the narrowest part of the Middle Islands Sound.  It is the longest bridge in the Waning Isles. 

El Pra was a large harbor on the west of New Warrick, surrounded by the military barracks, shipyards, etc. 

El Pra Rocks was a peninsula in the southwest corner of New Warrick, just south of El Pra Harbor. 

Eporuen Retsae was the capital of Toltau lands, the nation of Widge that existed on islands directly to the west of Gaohund lands. 

Estella was one of the largest Gaohund nations on the continent of Zamalaysia before the Great Retreat. 

Falls, The,
was an island north of Forestal and east of the Middle Islands.  See the Atlas of the Middle Isles

was the only sizable community on Forestal, and closest to the Middle Islands.  See the Atlas of the Middle Isles

was the largest city on the Western Islands, and the only city or town on the western coast of those islands.  It was the site of the first attack in the Widge War.  The Fristal Shipyards are located in this city.  See the Atlas of the Western Isles

was a large, low-lying island in the east, between the Middle Islands and the Green Islands.  Forestal was set aside for development of natural resources like lumber, clay, and minerals. 

Foundation Hall
was a small building in Bedford, Green Island, were the Foundation of the Republic was written and signed in July of 9073. 

Fox Island,
and Fox Island Industrial Complex  See the Atlas of the Middle Isles

Fristal Shipyards
was by far the largest shipyard in the Waning Isles, and the only one designed for military shipbuilding.  They were located in the city of Fayette, on the island of