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See the Atlas of the Western Isles

Wills was both the name of one of the Middle Islands and the name of the largest town on that island.  Other Middle Islanders found the mannerisms and conversation of Willsers odd.  Sounders, the elite of the Middle Islanders, often made Willsers the butt of their jokes.  See Middle Islands. See the Atlas of the Middle Isles

Wokkenwieser was a large island north of Kaiwitz and west of Kaizen.  It was the landing point of the invading Toltau Widge, initiating the Widge War.  It was also the last stand of the Toltau Widge on Gaohund lands, in March of 10193.  See the Atlas of the Western Isles

Yama Danna  and it exotic stone temples of the Vanished People.  No one really knew anything about them, other than they built great cities and then disappeared.  Some said they were Thutkari with their bloody rituals.  Now it was a tourist spot, with the added attraction of their warm lakes. 

Zamal Fishing Villages are found along Irin's southern shore, and especially around Irin Bay.  Fisherfolk from these villages travel to the Zamal shoals. 

Zamal Shoals are valued fishing grounds between Irin and Zamalasia. 

Zamalaysia was the continent to the south of the Waning Islands, and was once the Gaohund home.  They were pushed off the continent in the war ending in 9071; it was usually referred to as "The Retreat".