Geographical Lexicon
of the
Waning Isles

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Alphabetical Entries

Academy, the see Breston Academy. 

was a high string of leaf-isles in the Western Widge Isles, occupied by Widge that had long resisted the Regime of the Widge warlords.  Albion became the site of the infamous massacre by the Gaohund's Captains.   

Alexander Nest, The, was, among the powerful clans of New Warrick, the oldest Nest.  It remains the most powerful nest in the Troughton district, but its power was weakening. 

Andnoh was a small town high in West Irin.  It was the boyhood home of both Edward Scantini and Nathaniel Clintock.  See the Atlas of Irin and Surrounding Isles.   

Printed in Salo, New Warrick