The First Concept
There exists that which is wise, self-restrained and virtuous; there also exists that which is foolish, corrupt, and self-indulgent.  They are like fire and water and cannot exist together.  Each person chooses which one he or she will have in his or her life. 

The Strong
Those who follow the way of self-restraint and virtue will strengthen their minds.  If you follow the path of restraint, your mind will be free and strong.  Your decisions will be firm.  You will be able to control your feelings and end delusion, to end evil and stop wrong-- You must not forget the Way for a moment. 

One who follows the way of self-restraint and virtue is like a tree growing near streams; it bears fruit in season and its leaves never wither, but those that follow only their desires are weak, like chaff blown around by the wind.  They have no roots. 

The Weak
Human desires are like water, but wisdom restrains like a dam.  Build up wisdom and don't dwell on desires, or the dam will weaken and the water will burst through. 

If a person does not govern their desires, they will be self-indulgent and weak.  As soon as you crave anything, that thing will begin to control your mind.  The very act of craving focuses your mind on the object.  When outside objects are allowed to plunder a mind, the mind will become weak. 

Those who forget the way are in the dark, intellectually.  They are disconnected from the higher life because of their

The First Scroll

A direct translation from the Faeron by the Irinish Monks of the Steeple of New Warrick