Second Scroll

The body and the Mind
The second

Martial Arts 

Many sects of the Devout engage in martial arts training, with the express desire to tame the body and its irrational compulsiveness to the mind's domination. 

"As the mind pushes the body; the body accepts the mind's domination."

The Second Scroll

First Scroll

Two Elemental Forces
Many of the Devout ideas are practical, often focusing on daily living (see the
Scrolls of the Devout), but guiding these practical approaches was a mystical concept of two opposing forces in nature. 
One, Nai Nollopa, was the force behind rising evolution that has pushed all beings upward from primitive creatures to complex animals, and from the animal state to their present state of existence as thinking beings, and with hope will continue to push them upward to something higher in the future. 
The other force, Nai Sinoyda, was the force of chaos, the animal drive, and the "imp of the perverse" which drives species back to the animal level and individuals to personal destruction.