The Structure of the Devout

The structure of the Devout was not through any permanent organization, but through a system of deliberation over published works.  For a written work to carry any weight initially, it must be published by the Birther or Griever of a Well.  As it circulated, those in agreement with the published work could then sign it, adding significance to the opinion.  If the number of collected opinions on a monograph grew, a council could be convened specifically to make to make a decision upon the opinion.  It was an intentionally slow process. 
Important to note was that in publishing an opinion, the original writer released control of it.  Once published, the author could not recall it, only remove his or her name from it.  The work would only considered dead if all signers had removed their signatures from it.  If any of the signers passed away, then the document became a permanent part of the Devout Library of deliberation. 

Devout, The, was a quasi-religious group that centered philosophically in the Text and physically in the Steeple of New Warrick.  Every Birthing Well had at least two Devout clergy: a Birther and a Griever.  These two high levels of clergy were addressed as Lan.  They perform such functions in society as overseeing births and funerals and sealing alliances. 
The Devout Way once spread like wildfire through the Faeron Republic.  There were also branches of it within the Western Widge Isles, but the Gaohund Devout claimed a direct inheritance from the Faeron practitioners, and claimed Widge branches to be errant.