The Steeple Courts
The Steeple Courts surrounded the actual edifice with an inner and outer wall. Both walls formed heptagons, echoing the structure itself. Within the inner wall was an ornamental garden, and it was here that Devout on pilgrimages would meditate. Between the inner and outer walls were the east and west arbors, and the sanctuary. The sanctuary consisted of six buildings: the library, the men's dorm, the women's dorm, the kitchens, the root cellars and green house, and the sepulcher. The sepulcher was the opening to the tomb complex below, where the monks of the sanctuary were interred. The inner wall had but one entrance. The outer wall had three: the Ryan Street Gate, the James Street Gate, and the Main Gate, on Easter Avenue.

History: Political and
Devout Significance

Since ancient times, the Gorjan of the Western Isles controlled the sanctuary, and that language remained the tongue of the monks of the sanctuary even after the Great Retreat populated the Waning Isles. Long before the Gaohund's defeat on the continent, the Faithful journeyed to the Steeple to mediate, to visit the library, and to see the Praisors, with their golden, almost transparent wings, circle the Steeple, flying and singing around its heights. Then, the Faithful would leave alms with the monks there and return to their homes in Zamalaysia.