Steeple, the, was either a tower or natural pinnacle on the eastern height of New Warrick. Around this was built an ancient shrine and gardens. By law, the Shrine was allowed a single representative in the One Hundred, but it held a much stronger influence that this.

Its Physical Structure was easy to describe, but opinions differed hotly as to its origin. Obviously, it was ancient. Even the sanctuary complex built at its foot was created in the distant past. The Steeple itself was a seven-sided pinnacle with a flat surface at its top. The entire structure stood nearly seven thousand feet high. Although set on a low hill of rock, the edifice appeared thrust suddenly out of the ground. The upper thousand feet of the structure exuded a glow, commonly referred to as the "glory", which would have made street lighting on New Warrick redundant. The glory or the structure itself attracted mysterious creatures called Praisors, which were seldom seen anywhere else on the planet of Twilight.

The Steeple of New Warrick