Election of 16 Envoys by Territories

Wards had neither a recognized municipality nor an abode and depot.  They were attached to a state or province as a dependency.  The warders sent envoys - 16 Council Members. 

1 Fox Islands (Longshores)
2 The Falls (Brick)
3 Babblestone (Stanton)
4 Sound Islands (Stanton)
5 Breadstone (Irin)
6 East Irin (Irin)
7 Welwann (WI)
8 Kaiwann  (WI)
9 Welwitz  (WI)
10 Wokkenwieser (WI)
11 Big Island (Green Island)
12 McDonnell (Green Island)
13 West Island (Green Island)
14 Engading (Eastern Islands)
15 Munasing (Eastern Islands)
16 Hoaten-Hanca (Eastern Islands)

Appointment of 14 Envoys by The Steeple, the Captains, and the Economic Zone Administrators

The Warder of the Steeple sent 1 Council Member to the Assembly

Administrators of Economic Zones, who were appointed by the Twenty-One, sent envoys to the One Hundred.  They are not part of a region's tally, and were in fact seen as interlopers. 

Fishing Zones
2 North Banks
3 Longshore Shallows
4 Zamal Shoals

Mineral Zones
5 Coal Zone of Irin
6 Coal Zone of Kaiwitz
7 Coal Zone of Kaisen
8 Mineral Zone of Zamalaysia

Forest Zone
9 Forestal and the Falls

The Captains
sent 5 Council Members. 
10 Institute at Johnson City
11 Naval Base at El Pra
12-14 One from each of the Three Fleets