The Governor's Council is the main deliberating and legislative body of the Gaohund government.  Since 9078, it has met in the Hall of the Five Hundred Statues, in Old Town, New Warrick.  The Foundation of the Republic limits the membership of the Governor's Council to one hundred and stipulates that all members be Tiller.  Eighty-six members of the One Hundred were elected from their constituent areas; the fourteen others were appointed. 

Three Types of Council Members
There were three types of Council Members: Senators, Delegates, and Envoys. 

Three Layers of the Governor's Council
The Governor's Council was divided into three distinct layers.  The general assembly was referred to as "the One Hundred"; a higher level was referred to as "the Twenty-One"; finally there was "The Three".  The Foundation of the Republic stipulated that only a senator could be eligible to be elected to the Twenty-One, but tradition had always allowed that the envoy of the Steeple Warder be given a seat there.  The Three only met at times of war or great troubles. 

Area Administration
The Waning Isles is Administrated by dividing it into twenty-six regions.  The six most populated regions were designated provinces, and were thus entitled to send a senator to the One Hundred.  Four of the regions, being less populated, were labeled Districts, and were entitled to send delegates.  Sixteen of the regions, however, were so sparsely populated that they were designated wards of another region.  Below is the breakdown of regions and the representation that they received. 

Administration of Waning Isles

The Election and Appointment of Members to the One Hundred

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