Cinema: Classic Films

Film Project 2: Angle of Framing and Camera Movement

For this project, read the parts highlighted at left. 

Paper Assignment due this week: Complete "Activity Sheet 1: Angling the Camera"
from Cinematography: Capturing Images on Film.

Film Project for Week 1-2: Choosing the Frame: Camera Angle. 
Goal: Create a silent film 1-3 minutes long that tells a story. 
Procedure: Plot the shots on a storyboard, shoot it, edit it, and make it available
      for viewing on the computer. 
Focus: Demonstrate your knowledge of different angles of framing, and of
         camera movement (tilting, panning, or tracking shots).  Remember
         to use close-up and wide angle, effectively and to use an establishing shot for
         each new scene.  Due at the end of the 2nd week. 

Quiz Terms: pan , tilting, tracking shot, or zooming
        Quiz is this Friday and will include the viewed film. 

slow motion, soft focus, shallow focus, deep focus,

Cinematography tip: Room to Move: When a character moves across the  screen, leave space in front of him or her.