Chinese Language Memory Vids or click here and be able to shuffle the vids. 

Introduction to Chinese Culture
calligraphy, seals, the Ghu Zhang (zither), the sword, hutongs, the pipa (Chinese guitar), architecture, tea & tea houses, porcelain, street food, scroll painting, kites, dance, cormorant fishing, etc.

Chinese Music and some American Music Influence by the Chinese or click here and be able to shuffle it. 

Chinese Movie Trailers: Children of Huang Shi, Curse of the Golden Flower, Red Cliff, Crouching Tiger, The Warlords, Raise the Red Lantern, Ashes of Time, Resurrection of the Dragon, The Last Emperor, Red Corner, House of Flying Daggers, The Promise

American Schools and Foreign Schools

Chinese Schools (a Series from the BBC)

Chinese Calligraphy

Chinese History

Chinese Chop Seals

NPR Review of Tiger Mother: Raising Children the Chinese Way
Another view, Video from CBS