On-line Sources

Paper Sources

    It should look like this:

Alternative Sites:
Capital Community College

OWL (Purdue)


  1. Each source that is quoted or referred to in your text must be included.
  2. List the entries in alphabetical order.
  3. Do not number entries. 
  4. Do not center; keep them left aligned. 
  5. Write the titles of your sources correctly
  6. Do NOT press enter until the end of the entry. 
             In other words, do not begin a new line after the
             author's name, name of article, etc.  ONLY begin a
             new line with a new source. 

  1. Put a period after each part of the entry,
            except the city and publisher of a book. 
  1. Reverse indent each entry.
            This is the paragraph formatting called
           "Special / Hanging" in Microsoft Word.