Creating a Works Cited

works cited entries
(Create one for each resource you find.  Learn to do it right.) 

Subjects for Caution: Weird subject-matter does not automatically give a source a zero score.  Many of these topics have been seriously discussed and investigated, but recognize that they are also nut-magnets.   

Aliens & "Others": Life in Space, Life on Mars, ancient visitation of aliens to Earth,  Area 51, alien abduction, livestock mutilations,
            Alien origin of humanity or of civilization, Communication with aliens, elves, leprechauns or other magical beings, etc. 

Astronomical or Cosmic Occurrences: rearrangement of the order of the planets; ancient, sudden disasters to our planet such as
           realignment of our poles, Coming catastrophes, on-the-horizon major historical events, astrology, etc.

Massive Rearrangement of History: Elimination of all Ancient History; Ancient but highly advanced civilizations, Atlantis & vanished
            continents; etc.

Non-Physical Life: Life after death, near-death experiences, ghostly visitation, hauntings, demon possession, guardian angels,
           life force, the force, oneness with the universe, cosmic consciousness, etc

Political Fringe Groups and Conspiracies: UN soldiers secretly in America, "Black" helicopters, secret government agencies, Rewriting
          of major events of history including Holocaust and Gulag denial; New World Order fears, Cold War theories of World
          domination by secret conspiracy of the military-industrial complex; unusual solutions to the Kennedy assassination; secret survival
          of persons generally thought to be dead; conspiracies by the lluminati or Masons; Socialists, Communists, or Noam Chomsky;
that are openly Nazi, the Klan or other racial dominance group (of any color); The John Birch Society; etc

Use your Discretion: weird, strange, odd, or freaky sites should be examined with the utmost caution       

Alex Jones, Noam Chomsky, or Eric Von Daniken