This outline is for papers with a thesis arguing in support of the status quo.

I Introduction


A) Title and Subtitle

The main title should be short and catchy.  The sub-title should be longer with a literal, detailed explanation of the paper’s topic.  See the page of example titles. 



B) Introductory Paragraph

The 1st paragraph must be labeled “Introduction”.  This is the previous assignment; include it with this assignment when you turn it in.  Make sure thesis statement is still underlined. 



1) Establish the status quo.



2) Thesis statement (underlined)


II  The Body

The body of the paper is the place where all the quotes and facts and evidence will be. 


A) Support: Demonstrate the Appropriateness of Current Plan or ideas.

Evidence that the current position is correct, how the current problem or attitude addresses the problems adequately. 

Strategy A

Provide evidence that shows that the current plan or way of doing things is fully capable of handling the problem. 

Provide statistics that show how many people are being helped with the current plan.  

Provide a quote by an expert who states that the current theory best explains the evidence. 

Strategy B

Provide evidence that shows that the current plan or way of doing things needs small repairs but not an entirely new plan. 

Show that present trends are encouraging. 

Suggest more funding for the current program.

Suggest expanding the scope or number of people in a program.

Suggest expanding an experimental program. 


B) Rebuttal: Provide Evidence against New or Alternative Plans or ideas.    

The strategy chosen for Part B is in no way tied to which strategy was used for Part A. 

Strategy A

Challenge the evidence.

Show the evidence is outdated.

Show that the evidence is faulty. 

Present counter-evidence that shows that the opposition’s evidence is false. 

Strategy B

Argue that the evidence doesn’t really apply to the case. 

Strategy C

Challenge the link between the evidence and their claims about the evidence.

III Conclusion

The last paragraph must be labeled “Conclusion”.  No new material may be introduced in this paragraph.  The trick of a good conclusion is to sum up and re-stress what you have already said without making it repetitive.


IV Works Cited

Be sure to include an updated works cited with this assignment.  If the works cited will fit completely on the last page of your paper, go ahead and print it that way.  If it won’t, give the works cited a page of its own.  


Printed: Wednesday, March 19, 2008