Use Standard English.

(Use dialect in fiction, not in an essay or on a test answer.)



Hillbilly Talk,

Teen Slang, etc.

Standard English

a) Avoid these Hillbilly verb forms. 

We brung it.

He drug it out.

I seen it. 

We brought it. 

He dragged it out.     

I saw it. 

b) Do not confuse them and those. 

I really like them fries. 

Them are pretty good. 

I really like those fries. 

Those are pretty good. 

c) Do not use double negatives. 

He doesn’t have no lunch today. 

He doesn’t have any lunch today. 

d) Do not use slang or texting in formal writing. 

U be wrong 2 rite like this in a school paper, dawg, cuz it gonna be marked way down. 

Write without teen slang or chat-room shorthand. 

e) Him, me, and her can never do anything. 

Him went.    Me went. 

Him and me went. 

He went.     I went. 

He and I went. 

f) Do not double the subject. 

My cousin Bill he came over. 

My cousin Bill came over. 

g) Avoid these hillbilly pronouns: Hisself and theirself. 

They done gitted theirselfs some of that there chicken!


He ain’t done hisself no favors thataway!




h) Avoid using “of” between an adjective and its noun. 

Do you know anyone who owns that nice of a car?

She doesn’t make such good of chicken. 

Do you know anyone who owns a car that nice?

She doesn’t make very good chicken.