Write Titles Correctly


a  Put the titles of short things in “Quotation marks”.

b  Put the titles of long things in Italics.

A short story:

“Broken Chain”

A Novel:

Little Women

A track from a music CD:

“Louie, Louie”

The entire Music CD:

Rock `n’ Roll of the Early Sixties

A short poem:

“Captain, O Captain!”

A book of Poems:

Walt Whitman and Romantic American Poetry


A long poem published by itself:

The Odyssey  

An article from a magazine:

“A Climate of Despair”

A Magazine:


An article from an Encyclopedia:


The entire Encyclopedia:

World Book Encyclopedia


An entire move:

Man Without a Face



c) Capitalize the first, last and important words in a title. 

Under a war-torn sky

Under A War-Torn Sky

d) The title of YOUR paper must be original.  You may not simply use the title of another story, film, or poem. 

The Killers

An essay by Ima Student

Examining the Modern Elements in Ernest Hemingway’s Short Story, “The Killers”

An essay by Ima Student


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