Capitalize correctly. 



Incorrect Examples

Correct Examples

a) Capitalize the names of specific


mr. brown

dr. Lee

Mr. Brown

Dr. Lee



hong kong


Hong Kong

and things;

the french language

The empire state building

the great ship titanic

 hatchet by Gary Paulsen

the French language

The Empire State Building

the great ship Titanic

  Hatchet by Gary Paulsen

b) Dont capitalize general 


a Plumber

a plumber


Soccer and Football

Math and Science

soccer and football

math and science

or things

a Hockey Arena

a hockey arena

c) Capitalize the first letter of each sentence.  This includes a sentence in quotation marks. 

He said, would you like to have some? 

He said, Would you like to have some?

d) In the he said or she said after a quote, use lower case (small letters). 

Hey stop! She yelled. 

Hey stop! she yelled. 

e) Capitalize the word I and its contractions Ill, Im, and Ive.  

im sure i did it but ill check again.

Im sure I did it but Ill check again.  

f) Capitalize acronyms, such as USA, FBI, and even OK. 

It was ok that the fbi investigated people in the usa

It was OK that the FBI investigated people in the USA.

g) Capitalize pronouns that refer to deities. 

Diana was the Greek goddess of virgins.  Hunters also worshipped her. 

Diana was the Greek goddess of virgins.  Hunters also worshipped Her.