Use the guidelines below to decide how to write numbers. 




a) Spell these out:


b) Write these as numerals:


C) Use Roman Numerals with these: 


Always spell out a number when it begins a sentence. 

If the number is very long, try to rewrite the sentence so that it isn’t in the beginning. 


Always use numerals with numbers that have decimals.


The World Wars:

World War II 

Acts in a play

Act IV

Be inclined to spell out numbers of one or two words. 

Use numerals when using numbers in a mathematical sense. 

Names of kings and queens

Henry VIII


Elizabeth II

Spell out numbers when they are used in dialogue. 

Use numerals with numbers of three or more words

Major sporting events:

Superbowl XVII


 The XXIII Olympics

Common fraction like “a half” or “three quarters” should be spelled out when not used in a mathematical sense. 

Be inclined to use numerals with dates. 



Use numerals with acronyms or model numbers: He had an AK-47.