Oral Presentation of the Novel

The oral presentation must be done before the class.

The presentation must last a
minimum of four minutes. 

Quick Overview of Basic Elements By the time that you make this presentation, they will have already written a paper detailing character, plot, theme, setting, and other elements of fiction.  This should be used in the presentation. 

Recommendations / Possibilities:
Author's Biography
     The student can search on-line or in our library for biographical information.   With our connection to the Internet, you should find very few authors that do not have information available on the Web. 

Other works by same author / Film versions
     Your author may have written other books which are more famous, or perhaps have won awards.  Other novels written by this author may have had movie versions created. 

Methods of Presentation
You can choose several ways to present your material.   
§ You may create a hand-out or flyer.
§ You may use an overhead projector.
§ You may use a butcher pad and easel. 
§ You may create a PowerPoint with photographs or art
§ Use your imagination!