East Bluff Letterbox

Planted June 2001 by the Lake Guy; Alive and well October 1st, 2004.

Put some Spring in your step and step it up.You are on Mackinac Island, so it would be right to turn to a tourist attraction.If youíre tired of tourism, Letterboxing is whatís left.If you are afraid of heights, this trail may put you on edge.Go until you see trees fallen together making nearly a shelter; to go further would be Folly.Leave the path heading due west.As you cross the road, a patch of gravelmay help to indicate that you are on the right path.Just south of an east-west hillock is a fallen tree.The tree has many branches and lies perfectly east-west.In its stump is hidden the letterbox.



North Country Trail Letterbox

Planted summer 2001 by the Lake Guy.

Getting there: Take H40 west from Rudyard past Fibre.When you come to a long straightaway, be on the lookout for signs locating The North Country Trail.There is parking at the small lake on the north side of the road.

Clues: Follow the North Country Trail heading south through the pine grove.Continue past Little Bear Creek and then over the beaver dam.Just past the dam, be sure to turn right in the bushes.Some years, this turn in the trail has not been quite clear; to go straight leads into a swamp where the trail disappears.

Go through the cedar swamp (there are boardwalks) and then begin ascending.The rock outcropping will appear to your west.Follow it around (staying on the trail) until you reach its eastern butt.Between the two outcroppings there, you will find it.


 Two to Go

Planted summer 2001 by the Lake Guy.

More than Two:

More than two,

Not two to go

You must go higher

For you started so low.


This trailís not a loop

Look in the northwest

Angling off to the north

Uphill lies your quest.


Continue inland to

The dirty, steep bluff,

Now break out your compass

Youíve followed trail enough. 


This letterbox was removed from the field by unknown person 2002 or 2003.