State Requirements for this Course
XXXX as per ELA 12 Michigan Merit Curriculum Requirements, Page 14. 

1 Read eight books per year and demonstrate understanding (per year).
XX In the first quarter, we will read the two novels as a class: Their Eyes were Watching God and
XXXX  Things Fall Apart. 
XX In the second quarter, we will read the two novels as a class: Animal Farm and 1984.
XX In the third quarter, we will read the novel The Great Gatsby as a class, but each student will have
XXXX  to select the second book on their own from the list of books for 12th grade.
XX In the fourth quarter, students will be able to select both of the books on their own

XX A part of this grade will be daily reading in the classroom.  Demonstration of understanding for
XX the six books will typically be through an Accelerated Reader quiz.  At other times, it may be
XX  through a speech, a PowerPoint presentation, or other means.

XX I can modify this state requirement for students who wish to choose longer or more advanced
XX books.  (See the page on book requirements.) 

2 Write short papers weekly that are scored with a rubric.
XXX This will be worth 20% of the grade for first, second, and fourth quarter. 
XXX We will use a simple rubric for these sorts of essays.  (The rubric is a Microsoft Word document). 

XXX Early in the year, we will focus on developing a main idea and offering support through examples. 
XXX Also, after reading short stories or novel chapters, we will often write short essays in response to
XXX a specific question or theme.  Typically, these essay require the use of examples. 
3 Write four formal essays per quarter.
XXX This will be worth 25% of the grade for first, second, and fourth quarter. 
XXX We will use a six-traits rubric.  (The rubric is a Microsoft Word document). 
4 Write a major research paper annually.
XXX This will be done early in the third quarter.  It will be worth 40% of the third quarter grade. 
XXX For that quarter, it will take the place of the other writings.  (See research paper pages.)
5 Speak or present each quarter.
XXX This will include presentations on poetry or novels, reading drama parts, etc. 
6 Discuss or debate topics monthly. 
7 Take and organize notes weekly.
XXX Each student will be required to keep a notebook for these; this will be helpful
XXX  when it comes to studying for the proficiency exams. 
8 Maintain a portfolio of personal reading and writing. 
XXX Hanging folders are stationed in the back of the English room;
XXX students are required to use these to hold the portfolio.   

XXX The following items should be kept in it, and in this order: 

XXX 1 Reading Record: Keep an up-to-date list of the books you have read.  If you don't already
XXX have one, print off a reading record. 

XXX 2 Mini-Reviews: Print off a copy of your mini-reviews.  Keep them together in one
XXX Microsoft Word file and print them off together. 

XXX 3 Writing Samples: This includes the short weekly essays, the quarterly essays, and
XXX your research paper. 

XXX 4 Short Story Quizzes: Keep all the quizzes from our anthology that you have taken. 

12th Grade Focus:  Leadership Qualities
How do I know if I am developing the academic skills that I will need in my future life?
What rules or principles do I use for how I treat others?
What responsibility do I have to society?
How do I resolve my responsibilities to myself with those to my family members, my school, community, and world?
How can I effectively articulate my opinions and perspectives?
Who is in a position to help me affect change?
What can I do to avoid repeating mistakes made in history?
What leadership skills have I developed?
What leadership qualities will I need to take with me from high school?
What qualities define a good world citizen?
How can I create the world I want to live in?
How can I use my talents to create new opportunities for myself and for others?

XXXXas per ELA 12 Michigan Merit Curriculum Requirements, Page 9.