Beowulf Notes

Our World

World of Beowulf

Civilization continues to rise

…but it is threatened by economy, terrorism, etc.

Civilization has fallen

The barbarians have overthrown Rome, ruins are all around them. 

What is New is good

The newest products have the best technology.

The old is falling apart (our technology doesn’t last long).

What is Old is good

The only paved roads are old Roman roads.

Currently made swords and armor can’t match those of the ancients – they must be handed down. 

We hope for the future.

We expect tomorrow’s technology to be better than today’s. 

They mourned for the past.

They saw all around them the ruins of a high civilization.

War occurs between minds which differ from each other.

Communism vs. Capitalism

West vs. Islam

Race vs. race

War is between identical minds.

Each is a proud warrior that admires in his enemy the highest traits of the warrior.  He even identifies with them. 

The solution is non-military.

Pass resolutions at the UN

Engage in non-violent protests

A strong military is necessary.

The warrior is necessary because in the absence of civilization, life is a very dangerous place. 


Devaluation of the military hero

Many modern minds look down on the military. 

Admiration for the military hero

All men are warriors except slaves. 

To defend the culture is the highest good. 

“Those without swords can still die upon them.”

Those critical of our culture are highly respected. 

Those critical of the culture are probably traitors. 




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