1 Write a Short Research Paper – 20% of total grade


Goal: Define Realism OR Regionalism

Length: The paper should be at least a five-paragraph essay, meaning that you have included three points that you see as Realism or Regionalism’s most important elements.  Are you trying to get above C level?  Try five points.

Use at least three sources.  Your textbook should be your first choice for a source. 

For the Civil War, check out pages 412-416

For the Realism, check out pages 417-419 and 421-422

For Regionalism and Local Color, check out pages 419-420 and 512-514


Other suggested sources would be:

§        Encyclopedia,

§        Encyclopedia CD-ROMs,

§        Introductions included in anthologies in the library,

§        Literary handbooks in the library, and

§        The Internet. 

Are you trying to get above C level?  Try five sources. 

Include proper crediting and a Works Cited List.  This class is open only to upperclassmen; I expect that you know how to write a paper by now.  If your memory is fuzzy, you’d better see the “Research Paper” section of the website before you attempt to write it. 

Remember that your goal is to define the movement of realism or of regionalism.  It is only natural, then, that your thesis statement must be a definition of Realism or Regionalism.  Underline your thesis statement.  The major points of your body should also work toward the goal of defining Realism or Regionalism. 

You may choose to discuss:

§        How the Civil War influenced Realism

§        Realism’s concepts of nature

§        The influence of scientific methods, especially the newly popular sciences of psychology and anthropology

§        How the effects of isolation changed the concepts of the individual and his or her relationship to society

§        The Realist’s view of the supernatural

§        The increase in interest in new geographical areas 

§        Other concepts of Realism and Regionalism

Whichever choice you make, be sure to discuss why these things were considered an aspect of Realism or Regionalism.

DON’T write a history of Realism.

DON’T write biographies of period artists.