3 Give an Oral Presentation – 20% of total grade


For this oral presentation, there will be no make-up.  On the due-date, names will be selected randomly and your assignment will be due.

You must be prepared to give your presentation when class begins.  There will be no time for printing, editing, getting materials, getting equipment, and no time for, “I just have to…”  If you are not ready to give your performance, you will score a zero. 



Read and explain a poem from this period.


The oral presentation must be done before the class.

The presentation must last a minimum of four minutes. 

You must read the poem.  The required time of the presentation will include the reading the poem. 

The audience must be able to read along as you read the poem.

The presentation must include an examination of and explanation of the poem. 

You must choose something that has not already been covered in class. 

Recommendations and Possibilities:

Prepare your Audience

Begin with an explanation of the poem.  If the audience is mentally prepared to hear a poem about a lost love, difficult vocabulary and poetic language is less likely to throw them into confusion – they already know what the poem is about!

Explain vocabulary before beginning your reading of the poem, or explain the vocabulary as you go.  Vocabulary after the poem is of little use.  By that point, you’ve already lost your audience because they had no idea what the sentences meant. 

Technical Elements (Stanzas, meter, rhyme scheme, etc.)

To help you with technical elements of the poem, you may use the “Poetry Analysis” sheet, but don’t rely on this alone. 

Biographical Material

Your presentation may include biographical material, but avoid information that has little to do with his or her poetry.  Instead, include information about the man or woman as a poet, or include information which links the poet to a particular movement. 

Methods of Presentation

You can choose several ways to enable the audience to silently read along as you read the poem. 

§You may print out copies of the poem.

§You may use an overhead projector.

§You may use a butcher pad and easel. 

§You may require the audience to follow along in our textbook if the poem is in there and it is not covered in class.

§You may create a PowerPoint

§Use your imagination!