Instructions for Essay

General Assignment: Write an essay on the theme of the group vs. the individual.  

Use examples from the stories we have read in class, the novel you are reading on your own, from movies you have seen, or from real life. 


Step 1: Choose one of the two options below:

How should we act with our group?  What is more important, for people to be themselves or to get along with their group? 

How much should people be willing to act and think as the group does?  Does this make a person just part of a herd?  Should you change who you are just to fit in? 

How much should a person be willing to be different?  Will these actions make a person an outsider? 

How should governments treat us? 

Those favoring the group might say, “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.” 

Those favoring the individual might say, “You and I have the ability, the dignity, and the right to make our own decisions and determine our own destiny.” 


Step 2: Think about which characters would make the best examples for your answer:


Characters from your novel:











Step 3: Write an essay using this organizational plan:

Paragraph 1: State the focus you chose in step one.  Take a position on this issue.  Briefly tell why your focus is important.  Clearly state the answer to your chosen question at the end of the first paragraph.  

Paragraphs 2-4: In each of these paragraphs give a different example from your own life, your reading, film, TV, or other sources. Your examples must demonstrate the correctness of the answer you gave at the end of the first paragraph. Using quotes is a great idea. 

Paragraph 5: Write a short conclusion reinforcing your main idea.  You may speak to those who make the opposite choice.