Goal: Define Romanticism     

The paper should be at least a five-paragraph essay, meaning that you have included three points that you see as Romanticism’s most important elements.  Are you trying to get above C level?  Try five points.

The paper should use at least three sources.  Suggested sources would be:

§        Your textbook,

§        Encyclopedia,

§        Encyclopedia CD-ROMs,

§        Introductions included in anthologies in the library,

§        Literary handbooks in the library, and

§        The Internet. 

Are you trying to get above C level?  Try five sources. 

Be sure to include proper crediting and a Works Cited List. 

If your memory is fuzzy, you’d better look it up!  

Remember that your goal is to define Romanticism.  It is only natural, then, that your thesis statement must be a definition of Romanticism.  Underline your thesis statement.  The major points of your body should also work toward the goal of defining Romanticism. 

You may choose to discuss:

§        Romantic concepts of nature

§        Romantic concepts of society

§        Romantic concepts of folk-art and folk tale

§        Romantic concepts of the supernatural

§        Other concepts of Romanticism

Whichever choice you make, be sure to discuss why these were considered Romantic. 

DON’T write a history of Romanticism.

DON’T write biographies of Romantic people.



Due: Friday @ 3:08 PM

Rubric for Definition Paper




Thesis Statement is underlined and correctly identifies three or more points that define the period being studied.



Quality of Writing

The essay makes sense, seems organized, and most of the writing is your own, not just quotes strung together.



Use of Sources

Your essay illustrates or backs up your points by using quotes from your sources.    Quotes are introduced and sit comfortably in your text; they don’t stick out or seem like they don’t belong.




The quality of this work is about what I expect you to be able to do.




Content – 70 Points

Crediting in Text

Three to five sources are credited in the body of the paper.   

2 pts each


Sources are correctly credited after direct or indirect quotes.

2 pts each


Paragraphs of Works Cited

Unnumbered and in alphabetical order.

No paragraph breaks () in entry. 

Aligned left

Indented as “hanging”



Entries of Works Cited

Includes each required part

Parts are in proper order.

Each item ends with a period, except the city and the publisher.

Titles are written correctly.  (Capitalization; “Short Pieces” and Longer Pieces).




Crediting and Works Cited Section – 30 Points