1st Quarter    Sep-Nov

2nd Quarter   Nov-Jan

3rd Quarter   Jan-Mar

4th Quarter   Mar-June

Week 7: "Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge" Pg 468-473 by Ambrose Bierce  Biography on 466   Online Textbook

Mon: Each student will find an Internet picture that exemplifies each word's meaning.  The student must then copy and paste the pictures into a PowerPoint show prepared by the teacher.  Beginning this week, this assignment will also include finding synonyms and antonyms for words. 
abrasion            appalling
chafed               deference
gyrations           malign
oscillation         perilous
pivotal               sentinel

Tue: Study the literary element of point of view using the article on pg 467 and the glossary entry on pg 1198. 

Read "Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge" pg 468-473, by Ambrose Bierce, 1890. 

Weekly Writing:
Essay Option: Compare Farquhar's dream world and reality world with the dreamy world of Romanticism and the harsh realities of the Realists. 
Creative Writing Option:  Create a short story which relies heavily upon psychology or anthropology.  The story may not use the same technique that Ambrose Bierce used in  "Owl Creek Bridge".

Big Ideas of Realism

Poetic Catalog
Civil War
Xxx Local Color
American culture, mid-1800s


Twain uses the form of satire to ridicule and rebuke the slaveholding society in
Huck Finn
Every person deserves to be free. 
Huck learns that Jim is a true friend entitled to full human rights.

HSCES this week: CE 2.1.7 Demonstrate Comprehension 
CE 3.1.5    Compare Works       CE 3.1.8  Historical Themes     
CE 3.1.3   Plot Structures  CE 4.2.1  Dialects     
CE 3.1.4 Study of a Specific Author

Wed-Thurs: Writing assignment. 

Week 8:  Contrast Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson
The two main poets of this period are sometimes considered late Romantics, not Realists. Although both of them had a strong interest in the Individual, in other ways they were opposites.

Walt Whitman
Walt Whitman praised the individual in "Song of Myself" in his famous collection Leaves of Grass. He was full of the joy of life, paid for his own poems to be publish and wrote for a broad public. His poems were sometimes huge, broad sweeping things including lists, called "catalogs". Most of Whitman's poems were free verse.  Instead of using a limiting meter, he used a normal cadence


Watch Walt Whitman film clip
"Song of Myself" #1
pg 347
"I Hear America Singing"
pg 352
"Song of Myself" #10 
pg 353

"Song of Myself" #33 pg 356
"Song of Myself" #52
pg 359   the Barbaric Yawp
"A Sight in Camp in the Daybreak Gray and Dim" pg 362

Wednesday: Quiz on Walt Whitman

Emily Dickinson
Emily Dickinson lived almost entirely separated from humankind. Her poems were written for herself or a few close friends. They were usually short and precise. She often wrote about death. Many feel that her poems showed that the isolation praised by Romantics was taking a toll.
Wednesday: Each student will choose one of the Emily Dickinson poems from our book and will read and explain it to the class on Thursday. 

Biography of Emily Dickinson.

Poems Specifically covered on the Emily Dickinson Quiz:
"Heart! We Will Forget Him!"
pg 374
"If You Were Coming in the Fall"
pg 376
"The Soul Selects Her Own Society"
pg 378
"Apparently, With no Surprise"
pg 385
"Tell the Truth, But Tell it Slant"
pg 386

Focus Questions
How do I communicate truth?  How can a person discover the truth about others?

What voice do I use to be heard?  How can I influence positive changes in social behavior?

Where do I see the satire in my life?

What prejudices are we taught? How are we products of society?

What is my responsibility for my own actions?

Why is the teaching of Huck Finn so controversial?  Is Huck a racist?  Should Huck Finn remain required core literature in American Literature classes?  How have criticisms of the book changed from its 1885 publication to now?

Essential Questions
What compromises of my integrity will I make in order to be accepted?

Michigan's High School Content Expectations for English this week:
Xxx CE 3.1.4 Study of a Specific Author
Xxx CE 2.1.3 Expand Vocabulary
Xxx CE 2.1.7 Demonstrate Comprehension

Week 9: "Battle with Mr. Covey" by Frederick Douglas pg 424          Online Textbook

Monday: look over vocabulary: 
afforded      attributed
comply       curry
expiring      interpose
intimated    render
singular      solemnity

Read the "Spotlight on Spirituals and "code" Songs" pg 432-4.

Study the literary element of autobiography, using the glossary entry on pg 1190.

Read "Battle with Mr. Covey" pg 425.

Tues:  Exam Review

XXX Poetic Catalog
XXX free verse
XXX cadence 
XXX Civil War
XXX Regionalism
XXX Customs
XXX Dialect
XXX Local Color
XXX Satire
XXX Figurative Language

Review materials to help prepare for the exam:
helpful notes comparing Romanticism gave way to Realism

PowerPoint show contrasting Romantic and the new worldview of Realism

Webpage contrasting Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman 

High School Content Expectations for English this week:
CE 3.1.4 Study of a Specific Author
CE 2.1.3 Expand Vocabulary
CE 2.1.7 Demonstrate Comprehension
CE 3.3.4 Demonstrate knowledge of American minority literature and the contributions of minority writers.

Week 8: The Term Paper Choose from among this Reading List for Term Papers
Use this organizational scheme to assist you in organizing your term paper. 

Stories by Ambrose Bierce:
Moxon's Master"
"An Inhabitant of Carcosa"

Stories by Bret Hart:
"The Luck of Roaring Camp"

Stories by Kate Chopin:
A Pair of Silk Stockings"
Désirées's Baby"
A Respectable Woman"
The Story of an Hour"

Recommended stories for paper by Jack London:
"In a Far Country",
"The White Silence", and
"An Odyssey of the North" are all from the collection Son of the Wolf.
"The Law of Life" is from the collection Children of the Frost.
"The Scorn of Women" and "A Daughter of the Aurora" are from the collection The God of his Fathers.
"Brown Wolf" and "The Story of Keesh" are from the collection Love of Life.
Any other story by Jack London

Brenowitz, S.  "Cherry Hill finds new way to teach 'Huckleberry Finn" The Philadelphia Inquirer, Dec. 16, 1997

Is Huck Finn a Racist Book?" by Peter Salwen

Cullen, Countee.  "The Incident" (another source)      Hughes, Langston. "Minstrel Man"