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The Best of “About” Teen submissions


Block, Kristen, is a high school student that enjoys reading and writing fantasy books and stories. Kirsten Block

Corey, Matthew B, is a 15-year-old high school student who writes just about anything of any genre.  It is also worth mentioning that he is an extreme computer geek, and between reading and writing, computers are his life.  Matthew B. Corley

Cummings, Corey, 17-year-old writer


Dziegiel, Alexandra C., is a sixth form student with a passion for theatre, writing, and Indiana Jones hats.  Alexandra C. Dziegiel

Gray, Nataly, is a teen writer who loves fantasy and runs an online teen writing magazine! At the age of twelve, after reading novels by Terry Goodkind and Robert Jordan, I was inspired to begin writing my first novel.  About a million revisions later, it's still not done, but my first creation has sparked a love of writing that has produced many short stories and novelettes--writing for family, friends, birthdays, for me, and sometimes, for no reason at all. Now, I run an online teen writing magazine called THE WRIT (.  Please visit it and take a moment to read my stories and give feedback!  http://www.squeaksandsquealscaviary.com/thewrit

Miller, Nancy, is an almost 16 year old Ohioan who loves fantasy everything and theater. Nancy C. Miller

Nicol, Kelly, is a hyperactive/ paranoid teen who is into writing horror stories! Kelley 'Psycopath' Nicol

Rachor, Meaghan, is a fifteen-year-old writer [who] likes art and writing. Meaghan Rachor

Reynolds, Stephanie, is a freshman in high school who has a head harder than any rock. Seriously, whack with a baseball bat and watch the bat break. Stephanie 'Squiggles' Rennolds

Runde, Tyler, 18-year-old, Illinois

"A place where I post stories, poems, quotes, philosophy, and just whatever I feel like.  Any comments you may have would be appreciated. Feel welcome to tell me all your opinions on my writing."  http://ezrogfires.blogspot.com/

Slagt, Noelle, is a sad little fangirl who attempts to make it in the big bad world.  In her free time she toddles around attempting to write interesting stories and is in dire need of constructive criticism. 17 yrs old  Noelle L. Slagt a.k.a. SRness

Solah, Benjamin
"I'm a writer and political activist from Sydney, Australia who built this site to showcase my writings, such as short stories, poems and performance pieces and voice my political opinion on various issues such as the refugee issue, poverty, equality, worker's rights and the fight to end the war."  www.benjaminsolah.com

Wyie, Lily, is a high school student who has no life outside her books and stories.  Lily Wylie

Young, Corey, 18-year-old Melbourne writer

18-year-old Melbourne writer Corey Young's short stories, plays, and sketches.  “A Distorted Reality Is Now A Necessity To Be Free.”