Describe the qualities your character has and then provide specific examples of when the character demonstrated these qualities.  Here are two attempts at a character quality paper, but one in a genuine paper on fiction, and the other is really just a summary.  Which one is which? 


  Luke Skywalker was the main character of the movies Star Wars.  He lived on a desert planet with his uncle and aunt.  His parents died when he was little.   Luke Skywalker became involved in the rebellion against the Empire when his Uncle bought two droids from these desert guys and one of the droids had Secret plans to the Death Star, which was the secret weapon of the bad guys.   The droid led him to Obi Wan Kenobi, who told Luke about some things his past.   The two of them hired a spaceship.  The captain of the spaceship was named Han Solo and his first mate was a wookie, a very tall and hairy being, named Chewbacca.  The Death Star captured Luke and the three others.  Once Inside it, Luke led an effort to rescue the Princess, who was being held in its prison.  With the secret plans they delivered to the Rebellion, Luke Skywalker joined the alliance.  With the teachings Obi Wan He delivered the fatal blow to the Death Star before it could wipe out the Rebel Alliance.  At the end, Luke was given medals for heroism. 


  Luke Skywalker, the main character of the Star Wars movies, was a great example of a character with loyalty.  The most famous example of Luke's loyalty was when Yoda was teaching him on the swamp world.  Luke was willing to leave his training and go face Darth Vader, even though he know his training wasn't complete, because he knew his friends were in danger.  On the gas world, he rescued everybody except Han Solo.  Then he went back to his home planet to face Jabba the Hut so he could save Han as well.  But there are many other examples of loyalty in the films.  In the beginning of the first film, Obi Wan invited him to come and join the rebellion, but Luke knew that his uncle and aunt needed him.  Only after his uncle and aunt died was he willing to go with Obi Wan.  When they were preparing to fight the Death Star, it was Luke's loyalty that influenced Han Solo to return and help the rebellion.  Although Luke Skywalker also displayed courage, inventiveness, and strength, his most prized characteristic was loyalty.