Identify some flaw in the book and expose it. An Agatha Christie mystery is solved using clues available only to the detective, and not to the reader.  The mission and deaths of the main characters at the end of Stephen King's The Stand serve no purpose. Natty Bumpo in The Leatherstocking Tales does not speak consistently.  Episodes of Huck Finn are dispensable. 

The Outsiders: Is it Really Anti-Violence?

As Ponyboy, the main character of The Outsiders, is guided away from the violent lifestyle of the gangs towards achieving his potential in academics, one might assume that this novel is fulfills its theme of anti-violence.  In demonstrating goodness over evil and achievement over violence, however, the book is actually a failure.  In fact, the book romanticizes and glorifies violence in that the only achievement for most of the Greasers in a victorious physical assault on the Socs.  This incident is presented entirely without negative consequences.  Also, specifically revealing is that the worst negative consequences that occur in the book are the result of heroism: Johnny dies because he is good; the gangs are victorious because they are bad.  Thus this book actually promotes violence and stigmatizes heroic behavior.