Compare the novel to another work.  This could be another novel or non-fiction work that shares similarities with your book.  Discuss the similarities in writing style, in historical relevance or the appearance of a common mythological `type' as it appears in each work.  Examples of such mythological `types' are: 

The Hero's Quest for the Special Object

Often the will object magic, but not necessarily.  It may save the hero's world. 

The Doom of the Forbidden Lovers 

After falling in love with someone from the forbidden `other side', one or both are condemned to die. 

Indiana Jones
The Black Cauldron
The Elfstones/Sword of  Shanarra

Romeo and Juliet
West Side Story

Longfellow's "Hiawatha"
Hans Christian Anderson's "The Littlest Mermaid"
the feud chapters of
Huck Finn
Wuthering Heights. 

The Orphan's Climb through Hardship to Success

Beginning abandoned, the orphan learns through experiences, often aided by some older person. 

The Knight in Shining Armor

This is the story of the young man who must slay the Monster or Dark Knight. 

A Single Shard
Jane Eire

Oliver Twist
David Copperfield
Great Expectations
The  Outsiders

Moby Dick,
"St. George and the Dragon",
"Jack he Giant Killer",   
Luke Skywalker,
the ecologist takes on the mighty but evil corporation,
the civil rights activist takes on the racist Southern sheriff and Klan. 

The Damsel in Distress Saved

This is a tale of the marriage quest.  The story usually ends when he agrees to marry her, and indicates that now she can live happily ever after.  His proposal saves her from death, sweeps her away from a dreary life, or awakens her from a coma by his lover's kiss.  Often there is an older woman's negative influence. 

The Evil and Good Sides of the Self become a Physical Reality

Dostoevsky's The Double, Robert Louis Stevenson's Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde, werewolves, Shelly's Frankenstein, Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray, The Incredible Hulk, and Gremlins.

"Snow White"
"Sleeping Beauty"
An Officer and a Gentleman
Hans Christian Anderson's "The Littlest Mermaid"

    There are an infinite variety of these types.  How many points of similarity are   there between two or more stories?  Discuss the variations on the type in   your work(s).