Actions: Verbs and Adverbs


Things: Nouns and Adjectives

Conjunctions are the simple connections.

Prepositions connect but also how how one thing relates to another.

Forms of Be
Simple verbs of Possession

Steady use of simple verbs will force your sentences into the monotonous pattern:

This was that.
This is that.
This had that.
They got this. 
These are that.
These were those.

Action Verbs do it.

In good writing, most of the verbs are action verbs. 

Common Nouns

Bacteria, basset hound, beauty, belfry, bicycle, boys, city, committee, compassion, county, delegates, desert, desk, dogs, dreams, education, fear, flags, frills, graphite,  guitar, horse, ketch, lake, leagues, marathons, mathematics, mother, motherhood, newspaper, nightmare, pity, poem, president, rocks, soccer, song, sorrow, spectators, sports, women, years

add appear awarded build carve chop collide construct create defeat die disappear discover dried dropped explode fly froze gallop glide hear help hope imagined insinuate join laugh listen make melt notice observe occur paint return ride save sculpt see shamed shimmer shine skip slide smash smell smoke sparkled splash spread startle stop stumble succeed sway swim tip touch traveled tripped witnessed write 

About above across after against along among around at before behind below beside beneath between beyond by concerning down during except for from in inside into like near of off on onto outside over past out since through to toward under until up upon with within without

And or

Either     or
Neither     nor
Not only     but

If      then

Proper Nouns one of a kind and must be capitalized

Albert Einstein, Altair, George Washington, London, Mt. McKinley, the Empire State Building, The Odyssey, the Titanic, Tommy, Venus, Earth, "The Charge of the Light Brigade"

Pronouns: (shortcuts)

I my me mine
You your yours
He his him she her hers it its
We our ours us
You your yours
They them their theirs

anybody, everyone, all, everything, whatever,  most, few, both, either, neither, no one, nothing, etc.