The Odyssey by Homer   
The State of Michigan has identified this piece as an "Anchor Text" for 9th grade
ELA 9 Michigan Merit Curriculum Course, pg 32).

Week 1: The Odyssey      online text

Mon--Tues                   Day 1 & 2
Discuss Big Ideas & Themes for this quarter (see right side of page). 

In some ways we are all connected, and the relationships we have with others impacts our lives. Some relationships are beyond our control, such as our families. Others we choose, such as friends and lovers. Having a successful relationship often takes effort from all parties. Think about relationships and how courage, love, acceptance, understanding, and honesty are important components of a relationship.
Writing Prompt: What relationships have had the greatest impact on you? Respond to one of the choices in the prompt below:
ØDescribe one of your own relationships and explain why it is important.  OR
ØWrite about a relationship that helped shape who you are today.  OR
Ø Write about a relationship you have observed that you think is valuable or should have been valuable.

Use examples from real life, from what you have read or watched, or from your imagination.  Your writing will be read by interested adults.   Before beginning, you are required to create a pre-write, which can be notes, freewriting, outlining, or clustering.  Nowhere in this essay will appear the cliché that someone was "there for me." 

Focus for 4th Quarter:
From ELA 9 Michigan Merit Curriculum Course Requirements, pg 32

Big Ideas
XXCourage and Bravery
XXEffects of War
XXPassage of Time
Balance is best in all things.
Love conquers all.
Nothing is more important than getting home.
Family relationships sustain us.
In time of tragedy, we rely on past relationships to give us hope for survival.

Wed day 4
Complete a Webquest to discover
TASK 1: Who was HOMER?
· Read about him
· Click on the
link  to enter the site,
· and then click on "Homer's History".
Write a summary of each section.  Summarize the findings in an article by identifying the main points and conclusions of the research along with reviewing the broader implications of the results obtained in the passage.

Thurs Day 5
Look up the terms that are on your handout and define them using The Encyclopedia Mythica

TASK 3: Play the Odyssey Game
Choose your character and begin your adventure!  Summarize what happens on YOUR quest!

Fri                    Day 3
Read and discuss "My Mother Combs My Hair" by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni and "Only Daughter"  by Sandra Cisneros.  Use "windows" graphic organizers to compare these two works.  Students do NOT need to have a response in each of the boxes, but they do need to have a total of nine responses. 

Essential Questions
What is a relationship?

What obstacles stand in the way of enduring relationships?

In times of adversity, do family bonds/ relationships help us survive?

Does it take courage to sustain a relationship?

How do relationships endure over time?

· What is a relationship?
· What obstacles stand in the way of relationships' enduring?
· In times of adversity, do family bonds/relationships help us survive?
· Does it take courage to sustain a relationship?

"Balance is best in all things."
-Homer, The Odyssey

"No man is an island"
-John Donne

As per ELA9 Michigan Merit Curriculum, page 32

The Odyssey: Part 1: Adventures of Telemachus

The Odyssey    Part 2: Odysseus on the Island of Scheria

The Odyssey    Part 3: The Fantastic Adventure of Odysseus, as told to King Alcinous

Oral storytelling of The Iliad and other background information. 

Book I. 

The Suitors have taken over the house of Odysseus in his absence, Telemachus come of age and surprises his mother

Book II. 
Telemachus calls an assembly of the men of Ithaca; Telemachus makes preparations for a sea voyage.

Book III. 
Telemachus visits Nestor at Pylos; Pisistratus, Nestor's son, accompanies him to Sparta.

Book IV. 
Telemachus visits King Menelaus and Queen Helen; the suitors plot against him.

Book V. 
Hermes orders Calypso to release Odysseus; Odysseus escapes on a raft

Book VI
Nausicaa finds Odysseus on the beach and brings him home.

Book VII
King Alcinous and his queen receive Odysseus at their palace.

A great banquet  is given in the house of Alcinous; Odysseus at first refuses to participate in the games; Odysseus begins his story.

Book IX. 
The Cicons, Lotophagi, and Cyclopes

Book 10
Aeolus; The Laestrygones; Circe

Book 11
The visit to the dead

Book 12
The Sirens; Scylla and Charybdis; The cattle of the sun

The Odyssey    Part 4:  Odysseus leaves Scheria and returns to Ithaca

The Odyssey    Part 5:  Odysseus Returns to his Home

The Odyssey    Part 6:  Odysseus Takes back his own

Book 13
Odysseus leaves Scheria and returns to Ithaca

Book 14
Odysseus in the hut with Eumaeus

Book 15
Athena summons; Telemachus comes home and goes to the hut of Eumaeus

Book 16
Odysseus reveals himself to Telemachus

Book 17
Telemachus & Penelope meet; Odysseus arrives; Penelope orders he be sent to her

Book 18
fight with Irus; suitors give gifts; The Braziers; Odysseus rebukes Eurymachus

Book 19
Hiding the armor; Odysseus interviews Penelope; Euryclea recognizes the scar; Penelope tells her dream to Odysseus

Book 20
Odysseus cannot sleep; Penelope's prayer to Artemis; The two signs from Heaven; Eumaeus and Philoetius arrive; The suitors dine; Ctesippus throws an ox's foot at Odysseus; Theoclymenus foretells disaster and leaves the house

Book 21
The trial of the Axes, Odysseus reveals himself to Eumaeus and Philoetius

Book 22
The killing of the suitors; traitorous maids clean and are hanged

Book 23
Penelope recognizes her husband; Odysseus, Telemachus,; Eumaeus, and Philoetius leave the town

Book 24
The ghosts of the suitors in Hades; Odysseus and his men go to the house of Laertes; civil war averted

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